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Sex Education in India

Sex education in India & specially in schools aims to provide accessible, accurate, inclusive, and positive information to children and adolescents. It is not only limited to the organs of reproduction. Sex Education in India aims at teaching young children the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. Unfortunately, many families equate or connects sex education in India with sexual relations, and think that children will ‘eventually come to know about everything related to sex’.

With the increasing exposure to TV and the Internet, children often pick up wrong information and get into trouble. Therefore, it becomes imperative that children are informed about their own bodies and made comfortable with their sexuality when they attain puberty. In lack of such knowledge they may become victims of improper sex life, broken relationships and depression. Proper sex education at school can protect them from all these.

Importance of Sex Education in India : Pro’s

Sex Education in India : Pro's / Points in Favor
  1. Over the past 20 years, numerous studies have consistently shown that teaching comprehensive sex education in schools doesn’t encourage kids to start having sex sooner or have it more often.
  2. Sex education is an educational principle that raises awareness about various sexual changes and processes in the body. As a result, sex education can benefit both parents and children.
  3. It will generate more sex awareness among teenagers, and they would be in a better position to understand the pros and cons of sex at young age.
  4. The cases of child sex abuse are increasing in India. The number of unwanted childbirths has been increasing in India in the past few years. The government must include sex education in the school curriculum to counter problems such as teenage pregnancy, molestation, child abuse, and rape. Sex education in school will provide children with the knowledge of understanding the intentions of ill-mined people and how to stay away from them.
  5. It raises student awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. Students can be made aware of the various types of STDs and how they are caused by introducing sex education in schools. The use of condoms can help to prevent STDs & also control the increasing population.
  6. The government is actively promoting the concept of family planning in various parts of the nation and Sex Education will definitely play a vital role in it.
  7. With technological advancements, children have a very easy access to pornography. If not taught properly, they might end up in wrong friend circle spoiling their life.

Sex Education in India should not be taught : Con’s

Sex Education in India : Con's /Points against

1. It is inappropriate to expect school authorities to conduct sessions on sex education. A child’s family is the closest to him/her, and hence, it is the parent’s responsibility to educate children about their bodies and sexuality and not the school.

2. Introducing sex education in schools can divert the attention of children from studies. Instead of using the information to be safe, it might be used in taking advantage of knowing how one’s body works.

3. Sex knowledge in an open class that has teenagers from both the gender can infuse a mutual attraction between the two opposite genders.

4. Human whether, adults or teenagers, have the tendency to try the things that are not considered safe. Sex education will promote the teenagers to move in wrong direction.

5. The cases of child sex abuse can increase if schools impart sex education to children. An offender can also be a school student or teacher who may use the information shared by the school to exploit younger children. Making sex education compulsory in India will increase the number of young sexual offenders. Hence, it shouldn’t be made compulsory in India.

6. More than sex knowledge it is the moral values that need to be developed in the child and this can be done at home.

Conclusion :

Sexual education is still one of the major concerns in some nations across the world. Some are willing to accept the change and some aren’t. We need to accept the fact that sexual education is a must to achieve a healthy lifestyle without any diseases, it doesn’t matter if it’s India or USA, sex education should be compulsory in schools and universities to educate youth about healthy and hygienic well-being. Sexual education is not promoting to have sex, it is to educate people about healthy and safe sex.

Caregivers have an important role to play in promoting healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors in young people, both at home and at school.

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