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Exercise Indradhanush, IAF – 2020

Exercise Indradhanush

Exercise Indradhanush (Hindi:Rainbow) is a joint air force exercise

Exercise Indradhanush is a joint air force exercise conducted by the Royal Air Force and the Indian Air Force. The exercise is tasked to enhance mutual operational understanding between the two air forces via close interaction. The exercise started in 2006 and has held four editions so far.

The 5th edition of the Exercise Indra Dhanush commenced on 24th February, 2020. It is a joint air force exercise between the Indian Air Force and the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom.

Highlights of Exercise Indradhanush

The Exercise focused on “Base Defence and Force Protection”. Around 36 specialized combatants of the Royal Air Force participated in the exercise. From the Indian side, 42 combatants of Garud Commando Force participated in the exercise.

During the exercise, both the elements of the air force will share and jointly validate strategies and tactics to tackle terror threats to their installations. Both the forces also to take up various missions including Airfield Seizure, Base Defence and anti-terror operations in Urban built-up zones. This Exercise was held at Hindon Air Force Station

Hindon Air Force Station

The Hindon Air Force Station operates under Western Air Command. It is the eighth largest airbase in the world and the largest airbase in Asia. It is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Garud Commando Force

The Garud Commando Force was formed in September 2004. The force is mainly tasked with the protection of air bases and installations, disaster relief, search and rescue operations during hostilities. They are currently deployed in Congo to fulfill United Nations Peace keeping operations.

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