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AirForce X/Y GD Topics

All About the AirForce X/Y GD Topics And 10 things To Succeed in GD Ever.

Group Discussion is an important criterion in Airforce X/Y and in many entrance exam to select the candidates. We are highlighting some very important points to succeed in Group Discussion. And Here we Discuss some of the important AiForce X/Y GD Topics that ever ask in AirForce

Important GD Topics –

Here we have can discuss important AirForce X/Y GD Topics that ever ask in Airforce X/Y GD.

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All About the AirForce X/Y GD Topics And 10 things To Succeed in GD Ever.

1. Read voraciously

Make a habit of reading voraciously on every subject. This will keep you ready for any topic for a discussion in GD Your knowledge is your most important weapon in a discussion.

2. Initiate the discussion

Most of us have a misconception that initiating the discussion would give you an advantage over others. It does give you an advantage but only if you know the subject well and have something relevant to start the discussion otherwise it is a disadvantage.

For e.g. When a group was given a subject “Is Capital punishment right?” some members of the group heard the word punishment and jumped at starting the discussion with out understanding the meaning of Capital Punishment. The evaluators kept hearing for 2 minutes after which they intervened and asked the group if they knew the meaning of Capital Punishment. Not to say, the members who initiated were quite looking at each other’s faces. That is when a quite member of the group got up and explained the meaning of the topic. From this incidence, you can easily tell who must have succeeded in the GD, the ones who initiated the discussion or the one who explained the topic and gave it a right direction.

They say, “Speaking just for the sake of speaking is noise”. So, don’t create noise in the GD rather make some useful and resourceful contributions to get noticed in the discussion.

3. Speak politely and pleasantly

As you speak make sure that you do not speak at the top of your voice. You should be audible and clear. Remember that you are participating in a discussion which is different from a speech given out by the leaders in their rallies. Even if you disagree with the other’s point of view, disagree politely. Use phrases like, I would like to disagree a bit here, I am sorry but I think I have a slightly different point of view here.

4. Be precised

Abstain from using irrelevant information and data from your talks during a GD Speak precisely so that others also get a chance to put across their point of view.

5. Acquire and apply knowledge

Stay attentive to the ideas put forward by other group members and keep writing the important points discussed during the GD As you get a chance to speak, put forward your views about the topic. You can also agree or disagree with other’s ideas, based on your knowledge about the subject.

6. Agree with the right

Don’t take a stand on either extreme when the discussion begins. It might happen that you get convinced by other’s argument and want to change your stand. Respect other’s opinion as well and agree with what is right, even if you initially had a different opinion.

7. Speak confidently

Maintain your confidence as you speak. Establish eye contact with other members of the group and do not let your voice tremble.

8. Moderate

Try to moderate the discussion if any arguments arise. This is necessary to ensure that the group doesn’t wander from the goal of the GD

9. Use positive body language

Your body language should not demonstrate dominance or low self confidence. Show your interest in the discussion through your gestures like bending forward a bit, nodding your head.

10. Be a team player

Last but not the least, be a team player as this is a group activity. Be comfortable with the group members and vice versa.

During the GD the candidates are evaluated for the following traits:

How should I prepare for the Group Discussion?

Your preparation for GD has to be broken down into two parts:

Subject knowledge: Your subject knowledge during the GD can’t be replaced by anything else. Read voraciously on all subjects to have good ideas. Following could be your sources of information:

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