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THE ORIGINAL TUTORS is a firm believer that education should provide complete and all-around development of the Individual. We provide the kind of education which emphasize not only on the transmission of external information and knowledge but it also aims at the broad cultivation of the mind leading to the awareness of a man’s place in the society.

The ORIGINAL TUTORS has set a benchmark in providing excellent coaching cum guidance for the preparation under various entry schemes for officers in Indian armed forces and other respected government departments. Our students have got commissioned in various branches of Indian armed forces and serving the nation with dignity, honour and pride.

We at The ORIGINAL TUTORS accept and respect the individual differences. We clearly understand that every student has his own understanding level, intelligence, liking and disliking, thoughts, social environment, capabilities, positives and area of improvement. These differences and variable psychological pattern need individualized guidance, counselling and motivation for achieving their respective goals.

Through our classroom sessions and one to one focused interaction we not only initiate students towards their respective objectives but also impart such a motivation which regulates and accelerates them with the accurate learning process towards their dreame objective.

The ORIGINAL TUTORS is known for its excellence in coaching cum guidance for various Indian Defence Services written exams.


THE ORIGINAL TUTORS aims at maximizing “ Educational effects and benefits’’ by understanding individual differences, providing guidance and counselling, motivating persistently towards the goal.

Focusing on the current competitive environment and fast-changing pattern of entrance examination The ORIGINAL TUTORS is very well aware of the fact that aimoriented desirable learning behaviour cannot be achieved through regular ways and general methods of teaching. Merely giving lectures and instructions cannot be beneficial for the students.

THE ORIGINAL TUTORS has manifested method of teaching by the systematic application of the scientific methods, demonstrations, diagrammatical presentations, Audio-video presentations, Group discussions, Newspaper sessions and specific learning technique have made the teaching-learning process more entertaining. This directs complete concentration over the attainable objectives of the students.

This approach of ours and personal guidance cum interaction provides allaround development of the students which in totality contributes in improving the efficiency and efficacy in learning hence desirable goal is achieved by the students.

“Patience & Perseverance Leads to Sucess .”

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